This got a job in local meat packing plant.

This case study is about
Karl Henning, a soccer player who came to United States, followed his passion
and founded a soccer academy in order to train the young kids. Karl was a
really good teacher and kids enjoy his way of training. The academy seems to
have great potential and future but Karl must improve his marketing and bring
changes in the management of the academy. In this case study, what and how to
improve the marketing strategy of the academy to increase the growth and profit
is the main focus. 

In a world of competition, every
company has a strategy to use it. The company’s strategy is the company’s work
plan to achieve its vision, priorities, success to compete and optimize
financial performance and its business model. The strategy succeeded when the
strategy led to the growth of the business, a strong competition and a strong
financial performance. But, when the main strategy failed, the company had to
change the strategy or prepare for losses.

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Karl Henning came to the United States from the U.K
.in 2000 on a soccer scholarship. He had a professional career in United
Kingdom since he grew up playing soccer on many competitive teams through high
school. After coming to UK, he got a job in local meat packing plant. He was
passionate about soccer but could not continue playing because of the injury.
Then he started training soccer to young kids. Then he founded Rocky Soccer Academy. Kid started liking his
trainings and business boosted up rapidly. Now to grow more or expand the
business, he have to take some serious decisions and make some changes in his

Through his hard work now his customer rentation is
about 80 per cent. Most of his students are below 14 years old. The main
problem is after 14 years old their high school sports and activities make them
less interested in extra soccer training. One option is to try to increase
retention by developing programs targeted at kids over 14.

The first option is to try to increase loyalty by
developing programs for young people over the age of 14. Its advantages are
that it has resources. Even the image of the company has a good reputation. The
Henning soccer training academy is one of the few companies to offer soccer
training. The problem is the loss of soccer interests among the youngster. Soccer
is the least popular sport in America. Baseball, football and basketball are
more popular among teens. The second option is to develop a
marketing strategy that encourages existing customers to buy more current
customers professionally acquired to buy more is customer loyalty and
additional income that does not go into other markets. Henning is more
attentive to his current customers. Cons can lose opportunities in other
markets. The third option is to test the growth of the business
by entering new markets and acquiring new customers from 6 to 9 years of age.
The pros of this option is that customers who arrive at the age of fourteen and
fifteen lose their interest and stop receiving football training, wanting
children to move into new markets. It also has facilities and resources in the
area. The judge may have Henning who should add staff to supervise new clients.
fourth option is to serve many children from Loveland, Longmont and Greeley.
The four professionals in the selection are the closest town to Fort Collins
and the population is 140,000.


There are many competitive football teams and very
little football training, which means that football training is necessary. The
difference is 25 miles from Fort Collins and the probability that the
population is less like football. D. Encourage strength choices for the most
vulnerable and explain why. Option 4 is the service of many children in
Loveland, Longmont and Greeley. He was the strongest since Henning served
places children. The population is higher than Fort Collins. The establishment
of football is limited in the region.


He has many opportunities to publish his activities on
football events in the region. Option 2 is to develop marketing strategies that
encourage existing customers to buy more, which is the second most attractive
in which they have a strong customer base. Improving products in this area
strengthens customer loyalty and attracts new customers. Option 1 saves
children 14 or 15 years old. This is a bad choice as it is more geared towards
older kids and Henning has to compete with other games.

In order to preserve children interested in football,
this increases the popularity of the sport, but it is difficult because in America,
basketball, baseball and football are the most popular. Option 4 is business
growth by entering new markets and acquiring new customers between 6 and 9
years of age. This option is the least anxiety because children ages 6 to 9 should
follow different programs, by changing the product in general. II. Choose the
two options that you think are effective, protect your choices and develop a
marketing strategy for two options


The first option I chose was Choice 4. The Rocky
Football Academy was based in Fort Collins and enjoyed a high reputation in the
community. Many Fort Collins customers compete locally and nationally. Others
continue to win national titles. The good teaching of Henning and his team have
had positive results. All the things I feel are strong. Near Loveland, Longmont
and Greeley, there is little football training in the area. With the formation
of very small football in the region, a good opportunity was born. The total
population is 140,000.

population of Fort Collins, with 110,000 people and 600 children in this
population, organizes football formations. The surrounding area of ??Henning
has about 600 children. If Henning attracts more customers from surrounding
areas, it will give him flexibility in building a larger structure. I chose the
Fort Collins facility. The acquisition of the Fort Collins property can be a
source of anger for potential customers, causing the destruction of the site.
To make the Rocky Football Academy service more attractive, Henning can offer a
free one-week trial and a 20% discount for 6 months.


During a
free trial period, Henning will show his coaching team how his business may be
different from other alternatives. This is an opportunity to sell the services
of Rocky Academy, which will result in many customers. The second option I
chose is option 2. Henning’s target market is current customers. I decided that
it should provide an appropriate development program for football players to
play football. Other equipment needed to implement this new program will provide
equity for the construction of a larger structure.


The largest
structure will be built in Fort Collins. His reputation and his technical team
have all the possibilities. One weakness I noticed is that current customers
have not seen a lot of compressed points. To address some of these concerns, a
special promotion is necessary. The first two weeks of the program are free,
allowing clients to learn more about their progress. For those who choose to
join the conditioning program, the highest price will occur and there are
special privileges like the use of the spa.